Ophena jalustinhihnat


Hienoimmasta vasikannahasta valmistetut jalustinhihnat nylon vahvikkeilla. Pehmeä nahka ja nylon varmistaa ettei jalustimet veny ja että ne tuntuvat hyvält. Suklaan ruskeat metalli-soljilla. Öljyä ennen käyttöön ottoa. Mikäli haluat nimesi lukkoihin, ota yhteyttä info@smartridersshop.com.



Premium stirrup leathers made from top-grade calfskin leather. A non-stretch nylon core and nylon stitching guarantee a long life.

Finest Calfskin: Experience the luxurious touch of our soft yet robust calfskin. Perfect for the modern equestrian who values both form and function.

Resilient Nylon Core: Thanks to the non-stretch nylon core, this leather promises a consistent length, ensuring maximum confidence and security on every ride.

Durable, Abrasion-Resistant Stitching: Using high quality nylon thread, every stitch is made to resist wear and tear.

Beautiful Aniline Shades: Dyed using soluble dyes, preserving the natural finish and beauty of the leather.

Eco-tanning: Tanned using a modern process that recycles 99.99% of the chrome.

Customisable Gift: These stirrup leathers can be engraved with a name or initials and come in a premium gift box.

Perfect for Ophena Stirrups: These stirrup leathers work perfectly with our range of safety stirrups.

Technical Information:

  • This item is sold in pairs
  • Available lengths: 126 cm, 138 cm, and 158 cm
  • Width: ca 23.6mm (9/10 inch)
  • Thickness: ca 6.5mm (1/4 inch)


Please note: Aniline leather is hide without any kind of protective surface treatment. Aniline leather is made from the highest quality rawhide and is characterised by its exclusive and soft surface. Since the colour of the leather is only made with aniline, this product may absorb more oil when you oil it than others. Please make sure to oil it properly before the first usage.



126cm, 138cm


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